Nova Insights Contract Services

When healthcare contracting opportunities arise, you want to seize them. But without the proper insight, you can waste time and money blindly marketing your services, bidding on everything you can and hoping for the best. It’s not a promising plan of attack.

What if:

  • You could navigate the government contracting maze immediately?
  • You could get some quick wins while setting the stage for long-term success?
  • You could put together the strongest team for every bid?

What would that mean for your bottom line?

You can. Nova Insights’ extensive experience and network gained from working inside the VA, DOD, and commercial arenas means you have knowledge of the intersection of agencies’ healthcare delivery systems and financial systems, which is where decisions are made.

This access to information, agency leaders, and decision makers means you can:

  • Have information about agency program development, procurement cycles, and pain points that your competition lacks.
  • Be in the right position to help shape the procurement process.
  • Develop advocates within the VA and DOD who can be your champions to their colleagues when a fitting project is available.

When you are unsure of how to pursue an opportunity, Nova Insights’ competitive intelligence gives you the ability to determine when buy or build, when to go after an opportunity on your own, and when to team – and with whom – for greatest success.

The result: you win the work you want sooner, which helps you set your company up for long-term success.

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